Roof Repair?

Roof Repair?

Fencing Installation, Replacement, & Repair in Dallas

Are you noticing signs that you need a new roof? Top View Roofing is here to help you
with the roof replacement process.

Fence Installation Services in Dallas, TX

When it’s time to upgrade your home with a new roof, you may be thinking about making other outdoor upgrades, too – such as replacing or repairing your fence. Maybe you’ve just realized that you need a fence because you’ve added a pet to your family, or perhaps your existing fence has been damaged by hail or a storm. Regardless of the reason,Top View Roofing has you covered. Our team builds and repairs fences all over the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, and we can help you create the perfect barrier between your yard and the outside world.

Build a New Fence in Dallas With Top View Roofing

When you’re ready to improve your home’s curb appeal, boost security and increase your privacy, a new fence may be just the way to go. The best part: You don’t have to know exactly what you want. We can help you determine what materials, what style and even what color your fence should be – and then we’ll put together comprehensive plans to build you the ideal fencing. Our team specializes in exterior renovations, as well, so you can rely on us to meet all your needs.

Many people choose to add a fence to their yard because they’ve had children, gotten a pet, want to block out noise or enjoy a private space on their own property. Fences can be strictly utilitarian, but most people prefer a well-designed fence that comes with its own aesthetic elements. Generally, only working with a professional team like Top View Roofing can get you a fence that’s as attractive as it is functional – and that matches your home’s aesthetic.

Common Fence Materials

Some fences are more durable than others, and what works for one homeowner doesn’t work for another. Choosing your materials depends on several factors, including the size of the area you need fenced in, your home’s style and what you want the fence to accomplish (such as privacy or keeping in a pet). The most common fence materials include:

  • Composite, which is manufactured from wood fibers combined with plastic polymers. This type of fencing looks like wood but doesn’t degrade the same way wood does – it’s far less prone to rot and insect infestation.
  • Wood, which comes in a wide range of styles and colors. Many people choose cedar, redwood or teak because these woods won’t warp or shrink, they resist insects and decay, and they have beautiful finishes.
  • Metal, because it’s sturdy and comes in an exceptional array of designs and colors. These extremely durable fences are always “in,” and you can get something custom-made to match your home’s style.
  • Vinyl, which comes in varying degrees of thickness, can make a great fencing option. Many vinyl fencing materials come with a lifetime guarantee, which means they’ll withstand the elements and stand up to the sun without sagging, yellowing or becoming brittle.

You shouldn’t decide on materials without talking to an expert first. Many of these materials look similar and can provide you with various benefits, which means it’s in your best interest to discuss your options and get a quote from the pros at Top View Roofing before you make a choice.

Free Inspection

If you need to speak with an expert about repairing or replacing your fence,
or about building a new fence from the ground up, we’re here to help. View Roofing today.

Fence Repair in Dallas

Dallas and the surrounding communities get plenty of stormy weather, and that can wreak havoc on your fencing. If your fence has been damaged by hail, high winds or debris flung around in a storm, we can help. Our team members are experts at repairing damaged fences, whether it’s minor or major.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Fence?

Your cost to repair a fence depends on several factors, including the materials your fence is made from, the fence company you choose to work with, and the amount of damage that’s been done. In some cases, fences are so badly damaged that they need entire sections replaced – but if you work with the right Dallas fence company, you’ll be able to get your fence repaired quickly and within your budget.

Does Insurance Cover Fence Repairs After a Storm?

Many insurance policies cover roof and fence repairs after a storm, natural disaster, fallen tree, or other unforeseen event. Even if only the finish on your fence has been damaged, you may be able to get your insurance company to pay for it.

Generally, insurance companies consider a fence an “other structure” on your property, and on many policies, these structures are capped at a certain percentage of the coverage on your house. Typically, your insurance company’s coverage depends on the cause of the damage. Often, insurance companies cover disasters, vandalism and even things like car crashes into a fence.

If your fence is damaged and you want to get your insurance company to pay for repairs, you should take photos of the damage before you clean up or move anything. Your insurer will most likely want to see them to verify the cause of the damage.

Replace Your Existing Fence

When it’s time to replace your fence because it’s too old to function, it’s no longer in good shape, or it doesn’t provide the look you want, it pays to work with a Dallas fencing company that will help you settle on the right materials and work within your budget. The right company will listen to your vision, explain your options and what would best suit your needs, and develop a plan that replaces your existing fence with something more functional and more aesthetic.

A rep from TopView Roofing can help you decide on the right materials, map out a plan, and coordinate the installation of your new fence. Our team works quickly to ensure that your home is protected – and we always put your needs first.

Does Insurance Cover New Fencing
After Hail or Storm Damage?

If your fence is damaged beyond repair by hail, wind, fallen trees, storm debris or another unforeseen event, your insurance company is likely to cover its replacement. However, you should check with your fence installer and your insurance agent to determine whether your situation warrants coverage.

How Long Does Fence Repair and Fence
Replacement Take?

The amount of time it takes Top View Roofing to repair or replace your fence depends on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of your property, and the types of materials you’ve chosen. For example, it’s a lot faster to replace a few fence boards than it is to replace a 25-foot stretch of fencing with custom-stained cedar boards. The best way to find out how long it will take to repair or replace your fence is to contact the experts at TopView Roofing today. Our team will send someone to your home to evaluate the damage and create a plan for fixing it – and we’ll give you a quote based on the materials and timeline you choose.

Do You Need a Fence Repair Company in Dallas?

If you need to speak with an expert about repairing or replacing your fence, or about building a new fence from the ground up, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation with an expert from Top View Roofing today.

Do You Need a Fence Repair Company in Dallas?

If you need to speak with an expert about repairing or replacing your fence, or about
building a new fence from the ground up, we’re here to help. Get in touch
with us to schedule your free consultation with an expert from Top View Roofing today.


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